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777 Challenge

Spunky writer and generally cool cat Aliza Greenblatt recently mentioned me on her blog as part of the 777 challenge.  In a nutshell, you dig through your hard drive/notebook for a WIP and post 7 sentences that appear 7 lines down on page 7.  Be flexible.

Here are two paragraphs from a stalled story with the working title of “Children of Gaia”:

*          *          *

When he woke early the next morning, it was quiet, apart from the pounding in his head. The storm had moved on.   The apartment was empty. Fiona had left him a note saying she would be back in time for dinner, and suggested that he restock his pantry so he would be “less challenged to prepare a decent meal” for them. After peering into the kitchen, Gerard had to agree. He made a list and put a few empty sacks in his bicycle baskets before heading out.

He had the streets to himself except for a pair of public safety officers who waved at him as he pedaled by. The officers carried ceremonial shepherd crooks with built-in sonic stunners. (Gerard had only seen them used once, to break up a drunken brawl at a shearing festival some years before.)

* * *

I’ll toss this one on the NaNoWriMo pile.