Monthly Archives: November 2016

I need this like another hole in the head

So there’s good news and so-so news on the medical front. Let’s start with the good:

My confident and suave surgeon repaired my deviated septum and tuned up both turbinates. Yes, that’s a thing. I spent a very uncomfortable week with my nose completely packed with foam spacers. I called them Lucifer’s Joysticks.

Sleep? Not so much. More like lots of napping. And snoring.

Two weeks after the procedure, everything is still tender but very functional. I feel as if there’s an additional 15% more air capacity at “the top end.” Very curious to see how that manifests itself with actual exercise.

So-so news: the tumor discovered during my surgery (hereinafter referred to as “Squatter”) is benign but aggressive. We don’t want it to trash the place, so we’re going to evict it with a second procedure.

If you have a Buzzword Bingoâ„¢ card, tick off endoscopic resection and maxillary sinus.

What’s next? A CT scan to determine the exact location of Squatter, then Christmas, then surgery and another week or so of convalescing while the rest of the family visits Paris. (I was planning on staying home anyway. Reasons.)

Better news: only the left side of my face will be affected, so I should be able to sleep fairly normally and perhaps get in some actual writing as opposed to say, Netflix.

Best news: all this will go on this year’s insurance deductible, so my out of pocket is pretty much maxed out.