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Looking back at 2022’s writing

My previous post talked about the things I published this year. Today, I wanted to look back at what I wrote — or tried to write — in 2022.

In 2021, I started working one-on-one with Cat Rambo (in addition to participating in her classes). When my kinda-sorta surprise bonus showed up, I decided to channel that cash into more coaching time in 2022. And then I added a goal: draft a new complete story every month. And write every day during November (the dread time of NaNoWriMo). No problem.

Narrator: It was a problem.

It wasn’t a complete bust, though. Thanks in part to hosting twice-weekly writing sessions on Zoom, I was able to draft and finish 10 stories. (There is, of course, the small chance I’ll finish something new this month but I’m going in for foot surgery soon and then the holidays descend. Let’s go with ten.)

Here’s what it looked like:

Stories completed in 2022:

  • Jan – Ruby Throat and Gold
  • Feb – The Antidote for Longing
  • Mar – The Great Contraband Race
  • Apr – For Better or Worse
  • May – Take a Leaf from the Bodhi Tree
  • Jun – Petition the Order of Compassionate Death
  • Jul – Last Cold Beer for 50 Miles
  • Aug – The Four Noble Truths/Monkey Brain
  • Sep – Lizzie McNeil and the Veil Between Worlds
  • Oct – (Classes)
  • Nov – Small Pleasures /NaNoNotSoMuch – WRITING EVERY DAY NO MATTER WHAT!
  • Dec – TBD (Classes)

Cat was in Spain for a month and there was a serious amount of fusterclucks going on at DayJob starting in October, so the year hasn’t ended strong. Oh well. But hey, there’s still stuff on the stove:


  • Duel
  • The Third Bell
  • Parley

Don’t forget revisions!

  • The Machine Mage of Umea
  • Petition the Order of Compassionate Death
  • The Four Noble Truths/Monkey Brain
  • Lizzie McNeil and the Veil Between Worlds

or leftovers – scraps and fragments

  • Pull the Red Cord
  • Not Sleeping Beauty
  • The Bone Fetcher of Alijah

Bonus section – future good news?

Antidote for Longing–Rewrite Request

Bodhi Tree —Second Round consideration

Between the Stars—Sent 10K sample; editor asked for the entire novella

Last Cold Beer for 50 Miles–Second Round consideration

Overall, I got stuff done.

(Now I just need a new DayJob.)

To everyone who’s come to the writing hangout, followed me on social media, and read my beta drafts. THANK YOU. Couldn’t do it without you folks.

December 2022