Monthly Archives: December 2014

Of Parents and Publications

My story “Layover” went live on Buzzymag today, and I received the notification while visiting my parents. It was interesting to sit in one of the old bedrooms and reflect on the writers who influenced this piece. Two names–Clifford Simak and Roger Zelazny–immediately come to mind. I can clearly recall my paperback edition of Simak’s Way Station and the idea of someone living alone for an extended lifetime, encountering alien travelers. As to Zelazny, there are too many books to count. But his use of first person POV stuck with me, and the line about the Grim Reaper going out for coffee is a definite tip of the hat to Roger.

I want to thank all my gracious and helpful beta readers, plus the teaching staff and house elves of Viable Paradise, who helped push this story over the top. Couldn’t have done it without all of you.

Read it and enjoy.