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Jizo Rides the Bus” (Strange Religion) – May 2022 – A tale of grief and hope set in Silicon Valley. I talk about the story’s origins here.

Burial Detail” (Strange Wars) – April 2022 – A reprint/cleanup of my story from The Word Count Podcast. Dedicated to the memory of my friend, John A. Maynard, US Army.

“Supply and Demand Among the Sidhe” (Strange Economics) – Aug 2018 – Workshopped at Paradise Lost in San Antonio. This one started out as a thought experiment about goblins and changelings but ended up a humorous tale about the leprechaun mafia.

The Astrologer of the Fifth Floor” (Abandoned Places) – Mar 2018 – Probably the only time I’ll share a table of contents with Ray Bradbury, Dashiell Hammett, and Edgar Allen Poe!

The Long View” (Reading 5X5) –  Mar 2018 – I supplied a story seed, and five writers built tales around it. Proceeds from the project went to the Jo Clayton Memorial Medical Fund.


The Last Best Day of Antonio Silveri, Ph.D.” (On Spec) – Sep 2022

The Witch’s Oath” (Dreamforge) – Jun 2022

Five Things You Should Know Before Summoning a Demon” (Wyldblood) – Mar 2022

Final Exam, Demonology” (Wyldblood) – Oct 2021

Stones of Särdal” – a revision of the podcast story (Little Blue Marble) – Sep 2021

The Last Feast of Silas the Wizard” (Stupefying Stories, Vol. 23) – Mar 2021

Sullied Flesh” (Speculative North, Issue 3) – Yes, I wrote a Hamlet story – Dec 2020

The Carpetbaggers Ball” (Stupefying Stories Showcase – Book 1) – Feb 2020

Just Another Night on Telegraph” (Factor Four Magazine, Vol. 1) – A Halloween horror flash story – Mar 2018

On the Snark Watch” (Perihelion SF) – Written from a prompt and a toy – Jan 2018

Papa Pedro’s Children” (Metaphorosis Magazine) – Inspired by sitting in the rocker one night, giving my child a bottle – July 2017

We Who Stay Behind” (Fireside Fiction) – Written in a coffee shop. Seriously. – July 2017

Three Breaths” (Perihelion SF)  – The inspiration for this story came from the rows of abandoned buildings I passed on my then-commute route. Trunked it for a bit, then resurrected it at Paradise Lost – Jan 2017

Comes the Tinker” (Metaphorosis Magazine) – A fun story to write, but it took a long time to find the right editor. See this post for more info – Oct 2016

The Baked Bean Tourney” (Robbed of Sleep, Vol. 5: Stories to Stay Up For) – I wrote this dark & funny piece well before “Brexit” entered our vocabulary – Sep 2016

The Packrat Machine” (Perihelion SF) – I wrote the first draft many years ago in an obvious Jack Vance sort of mood – Jan 2016

Human Faces” (Perihelion SF) – The opening lines woke me at 3 am, and I found the story to support them – Feb 2015

Layover”  (BuzzyMag) – This story was originally workshopped at Viable Paradise XVI – Dec 2014

An Alien Warmth”  (Fiction Vortex) – One of my favorite POV stories – Dec 2014

Podcasts, etc.

“Stones of Särdal” (The Word Count Podcast) – Episode 100, Season 10 – Nov 2020 (story begins at 14:30)

Burial Detail” (The Word Count Podcast) – Episode 82, Season 9 – Jan 2019 (story begins at 19:20)

Four Flash Stories – Story Hour (Facebook) – July 13, 2022


Seven Cups of Landfall” (Dreams & Nightmares Vol. 115) – May 2020

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