Not-so-recent publications

Material published before 2020.

“Supply and Demand Among the Sidhe” (Strange Economics) – Aug 2018 – Workshopped at Paradise Lost in San Antonio. This one started out as a thought experiment about goblins and changelings but ended up a humorous tale about the leprechaun mafia.

Just Another Night on Telegraph” (Factor Four Magazine, Vol. 1) – A Halloween horror flash story – Mar 2018

The Astrologer of the Fifth Floor” (Abandoned Places) – Mar 2018 – Probably the only time I’ll share a table of contents with Ray Bradbury, Dashiell Hammett, and Edgar Allen Poe!

The Long View” (Reading 5X5) –  Mar 2018 – I supplied a story seed, and five writers built tales around it. Proceeds from the project went to the Jo Clayton Memorial Medical Fund

On the Snark Watch” (Perihelion SF) – Written from a prompt and a toy – Jan 2018

Papa Pedro’s Children” (Metaphorosis) – Inspired by sitting in the rocker one night, giving my child a bottle – July 2017

We Who Stay Behind” (Fireside Fiction) – Written in a coffee shop. Seriously. – July 2017

Three Breaths” (Perihelion SF)  – The inspiration for this story came from the rows of abandoned buildings I passed on my then-commute route. Trunked it for a bit, then resurrected it at Paradise Lost – Jan 2017

Comes the Tinker” (Metaphorosis) – A fun story to write, but it took a long time to find the right editor. See this post for more info – Oct 2016

The Baked Bean Tourney” (Robbed of Sleep, Vol. 5: Stories to Stay Up For) – I wrote this dark & funny piece well before “Brexit” entered our vocabulary – Sep 2016

The Packrat Machine” (Perihelion SF) – I wrote the first draft many years ago in an obvious Jack Vance sort of mood – Jan 2016

Human Faces” (Perihelion SF) – The opening lines woke me at 3 am, and I found the story to support them – Feb 2015

Layover”  (BuzzyMag) – This story was originally workshopped at Viable Paradise XVI – Dec 2014

An Alien Warmth”  (Fiction Vortex) – One of my favorite POV stories – Dec 2014

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