Lucky 22

(Updated 22-Nov-2017)

The folks at Viable Paradise Writing Workshop announced a new scholarship today. Good on them! I’ve thrown a few bucks in the jar from my last sale.

The outpouring of support from various graduates reminded me of the oath I swore that chilly day in 2012. I raised my hand and pledged that:

“…I will write

That I will finish what I have written

That I will send it out

To paying markets only

Until Hell won’t have it.”

In that spirit, I’m happy to announce my short story, “The Astrologer of the Fifth Floor,” sold today to the Abandoned Places anthology from Shohola Press. Twenty-one other publications rejected it.

Abandoned Places will be released on 9-Mar-2018 (coinciding with FOGcon).

Looks like Hell doesn’t get this one.

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