Updating the Career Bingo card

It’s been a good week, writing-wise.

An Antidote for Longing, July 2023

Part 1 of my serial, “The Antidote for Longing” appeared today in Metaphorosis. This gives me three (3) new squares on Career Bingo:

  • First Serial Publication
  • First Cover Art
  • First Podcast Recorded by Someone Else. (Several of my stories have appeared on podcasts/Facebook, but in each case I did my own reading.)

Oh, earlier this week, I had a flash story (“For Better or Worse“) appear over at Stupefying Stories, which means I get a bonus square this time – Five Sales to the Same Publication. Woot!

Now I just have to finish drafting a new story. And revise, uh, several others.

The work continues. It’s good to take a moment to acknowledge the victories.

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