Getting my head straight

After 10 months of dealing with a stuffed up head, I’m escalating my medical treatment to surgery. No more antihistamines and steroids.

What am I doing? Bilateral turbinectomy. Plus a bonus septoplasty.In short, I’m getting a nose job without changing my appearance. Wait a minute, what?

It was a tricky decision. There’s always a small risk when you get general anesthesia, and then you have the fun of the better part of a week flopping around the house with a combination of mouth breathing and drugs. But the end result should mean better sleep, fewer colds, and generally improved airflow thanks to wider, straighter passages.

So I’ll be out of it for a few days, maybe longer. I hope to get in some words, though that will depend on my recovery time and the side effects of the pain meds.

At least I have a healthy pile of books and an upgrade Apple TV.

Too bad I have to burn a week of vacation. Isn’t America great?

I would like to apologize in advance for any complaints that I post in the next week.

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